Chassis Mount Wing

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We are proud to introduce our Chassis Mount Wing! Now, there is an alternative to our Universal GT Wing and for those interested in a modern & aggressive style. We designed these to be application-specific, which means that they will be made specific to your chassis. The main components (deck, wing stand, and bash bar) are shipped in 3 separate packages.


Quick Specs: 

  • 1018 steel bash bar
  • 6061 aluminum stand
  • Carbon fiber airfoil 69" wide
  • 3 AOA positions (angle of attack)
  • Tamper-resistant hardware is included
  • Charcoal powder coat on stand and end plates



  • Designed and made in Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Wing stand and bash bar come powder coated to prevent corrosion
  • The "angle of attack" can be adjusted by simply changing forward holes
  • The foil height is set to be as efficient as possible, per its particular design and vehicle application
  • Built-in "X" brace is designed to increase lateral & torsional strength, reducing side-to-side & twisting flex
  • Professionally TIG welded for aesthetics and strength (vs.) using heavy bolts, washers, and nuts which induce stress on weak areas
  • Chassis-mounted through our bash bar, which has been tested & proven to be strong & effective, so your rear end will be fully protected
  • Easily height-adjustable through our anti-slip lower brackets. We don't use straight slots, because having the wing shift while driving is not beneficial
  • Just bolt our bash bar onto the OEM location & you're good to go! No need to cut, drill, or weld anything onto the car! Exceptions may apply. 


What's included:

  • 1 - 69" carbon fiber wing deck
  • 1 - aluminum wing stand (constructed to be strong & lightweight at only 9.4 lbs.) 
  • 1 - rear bash bar (jack point is optional) 
  • 1 set of tamper-proof hardware & tools 
  • 1 pair of light-weight aluminum end plates for road race functionality


Read our FAQs regarding our chassis mount wings here.



  • This product was NOT designed to be used as a safety device. We do not recommend standing on our chassis mount wings. There is a possibility of the wing deck breaking if too much weight is applied which could cause injuries.
  • We don't manufacture the carbon fiber air foils, therefore we can not make any guarantees pertaining to the quality and lifespan of the air foil that you may receive. However, we do our best to source the best air foils possible.
  • Read more here.

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