Strut Bars

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Our S13 strut bar is designed to be the strongest one-piece bolt-on triangular brace available. The purpose of this brace is to connect the two strut towers together as a reinforcement, but also to serve the purpose of being a rigid mounting point for the BMC stopper. Decrease flex in the front end and gain better turn in and overall handling.


  • TIG welded
  • .1875" thick base plates
  • 1.25" x .095" tubing
  • Basic bar weighs 5.35 lbs
  • Basic bar w/ BMC stopper weighs 6.03 lbs
  • Triangulated brace weighs 9.37 lbs
  • Triangulated brace w/ BMC stopper weighs 10.05 lbs
  • Confirmed to clear S13 KA & SR20s
  • Powder coated Anthracite Metallic

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Disclaimer: Since this is a new product, we have not tested our new strut bars on every engine yet. Our strut bars are not guaranteed to clear every engine. We will update our site as we get more info on product clearance. Read more here.

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