Bash Bars

We utilize advanced technology to produce the best bash bars on the market, hands down.


Every component is cut on our Fiber Laser machine to the highest degree of quality and precision. It is then transferred to our CNC tube bending machine where each bend reaches its target to ensure proper fit and assembly. Next up is our precision TIG welding where each joint is welded with focus and intention to create the best joint possible all while leaving the best looking welds at a production scale. To seal our work in it gets a meticulous pass of sand blasting to ensure the glossy coat of our signature Anthracite Metallic powder coat endures the aggressive driving you will put it through.


Every bar is crafted in our facility in Los Angeles, California


Key Notes:

  • Clears the OEM bumper cover
  • Bolt-on replacement for the OEM crash beam
  • Uses OEM mounting points and factory hardware
  • Clears signal lights
  • Added FMIC clearance
  • Supports aftermarket aero bumpers/kits
  • Clears shallow JDM spec bumpers
  • Professionally TIG welded
  • Weight savings