Door Cards


Each of our door cards are designed in house using the latest advances in technology to give you the best possible product. Each starts off as a concept and is taken to CAD based on accurate 3D scans to achieve the ultimate design for each application.

Our Version 1 Door Cards are crafted from precision fiber laser cut and formed 18ga sheet metal.

Our Version 2 Door Cards are manufactured using advanced 3D ABS plastic molding.


Every set of door cards is crafted in our facility in Los Angeles, California


The advantages of using Street Faction's Door Cards include:

  • Bolt-on replacement for the OEM door card (some modifications may be required)
  • Fastens onto OEM locations using supplied hardware
  • Maintains all speaker, power window, lock, and mirror features
  • Maximum door bar clearance
  • Crafted in-house using modern CNC equipment
  • Our Version 2 offers massive weight savings over OEM door cards