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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing our products, you agree to our terms. Please read them carefully.
  1. You are aware of our lead times.
  2. Our products are intended for off-road use only.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders.
  4. Our products are designed & made for USDM base chassis only. Application for any other chassis is up to user's discretion.
  5. Our products come powder coated to prevent corrosion. Scratches may occur during shipment and are not covered under warranty.
  6. We do not guarantee subcontracted work (powdercoating or zinc plating).
  7. Images on our website may be generic due to the amount of variations that we offer for each product/chassis. Not all options are available for every chassis.
  8. By using the hashtags #streetfaction #streetfactionengineering, we may be able to use your media for advertising purposes.
  9. Our GT wings are NOT designed to be used as a safety device. We do not recommend sitting/standing on our wings. There is a possibility of the wing deck breaking if too much weight is applied, and it could cause injuries.
  10. We do not manufacture the carbon fiber air foils, therefore we can not make any guarantees pertaining to the quality and lifespan of the air foil that you may receive. However, we do our best to source the best air foils possible.