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CTSV Brake Conversion

Parts needed to complete the swap:

  • 18" minimum diameter wheels for the 6 piston front swap
  • 17" minimum diameter wheels for the 4 piston front swap
  • 18" minimum diameter wheels for the 4 piston rear swap
  • Z32 brake conversion lines may be used, as long as it has an M10 x 1mm inverted flare for the caliper end

6 Piston Front Conversion:
CTS-V 6 Piston Front Caliper
Evo 10 Front Rotor

4 Piston Front Conversion:
CTS-V 4 Piston Front Caliper
Evo 8 Front Rotor

4 Piston Rear Conversion:
CTS-V 4 Piston Rear Caliper
370z Nismo Rear Rotor


  • S-Chassis (may depend on wheel/barrel size, etc.)
  • Y33 (only if front suspension is converted to s13 or s14)
  • Will only work with OEM knuckles
  • R32 rear only (our front brackets won't work for the GTR due to the AWD front knuckle design)


  • Will require minor material removal on the calipers, and re-drilling one hole on the knuckles to accept the larger caliper bolt size (6 piston front swap only).
  • Will require stock caliper tab removal on the rear knuckles. (4 piston rear swap only).
  • Will require minor material removal and stock caliper tab removal on the rear knuckle (4 piston rear swap for the Z32 rear knuckle).
  • Rear S-Chassis OEM mechanical e-brake is not compatible with our CTS-V brackets. 


Is there a way to fit the z32 e-brake with your CTS-V rear swap to retain a functioning e brake?

  • No, you would have to switch to a hydraulic e-brake. You wouldn't be able to use the OEM mechanical e-brake.

Is the e-brake bracket needed if you are running R33 e-brake cables or is that only if you are usingthe 300ZX cables?

  • It is required for S13s running the Z32 2+2 cables. If you have an S14 and plan to run the R33 cables, no bracket is required.

Product link: https://streetfaction.net/products/ctsv-conversion-brackets