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Seat Bracket Compatibility Guide

Important! Please check our seat bracket compatibility guide, as any returns will result in a 15% restocking fee.

  1. What's the difference between side mount seat brackets vs. bottom mount seat brackets?
  • Side mount seat brackets are the popular choice for most drivers, as our seat brackets allow for the seat to drop in between our two "base" brackets to allow your seat to go as low as physically possible. Bottom mounted seat brackets are less common, since the seat is mounted on top of a flat bracket, which doesn't allow the seat to go as low as side mounted seats.
  • Is my bottom mount seat compatible with your bottom mount brackets?
  • You'd have to get the left-to-right and top-to-bottom mounting hole measurements (center-to-center of mounting holes) to see if your seat would be compatible with our brackets. Bottom mount measurements we can take are between 13.125-14.125" (from left-to-right.)
  • Any of the following top-to-bottom measurements:
    • Pattern 1 9.5875" - 9.775"
    • Pattern 2 10.1875" - 10.375"
    • Pattern 3 10.5875"- 10.775"
    • Pattern 4 10.8125" - 11.1875"
    • Pattern 5 11.1875" - 11.375"
    • Pattern 6 11.8125"- 12.1875"
  • What is a "base width" dimension?
  • Most seat manufacturers do not provide the necessary measurements to determine if our seat brackets would work with your car. The actual measurements that we would need to determine if our seat brackets would work with your car is what we call the "base width" dimension (which is the distance between both sides of where the side "L" mounts would bolt onto your seat). In order to know if your seat is compatible with our seat brackets, you'd need to know the "base width" dimension of your seat.
  • How do I get the "base width" dimension of my seat?
  • Flip your seat upside down and measure the distance from one side to the other (where our side mounts would be bolted onto your seat from left to right). See video here.
  • Sliders
  • The top of each sliders should have a dimple that goes towards the front. Since this is a universal part, the slider handle may need to be carefully stretched or narrowed depending on your seat size.

Note: These dimensions listed below are based off gathered data from our customers' over time. It may not be 100% accurate, but it should be close. Please feel free to use this guide to help determine which seats would work for your car and add your data to increase our database!


Our seat brackets can accommodate seats between these ranges for these cars.